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At the edge of explored space, your camera will decide the fate of a world. Cellular Harvest is a shortform first-person photography exploration game. You are an Auditor. An AI embedded in your suit evaluates the value of every being you encounter for the corporate interests that direct humanity's journey into a wider universe. Track alien creatures. Catalog their existence with your camera. Follow orders. And enjoy an alien planet - while it's still intact. The game comes in two versions; Cellular Harvest: Green, which takes place during the morning; and Cellular Harvest: Purple, which takes place during the evening. Both versions can be bought in a bundle for the same price of a single game. DEVELOPED BY: Nate Berens / @ludodrome WRITTEN BY: Xalavier Nelson Jr. / @WritNelson


A collaboration between Sagebrush developer Nate Berens and acclaimed developer/narrative designer Xalavier Nelson Jr, Cellular Harvest is a small, atmospheric photography game about a relaxing expedition to catalog alien life so that your employers can turn them into toothpaste.


  • 14 bizarre alien species to photograph and catalog.
  • A unique, lo-fi, low-poly world to explore.
  • Capitalist overlords who want to exploit the heck out ofthe planet you're on.


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About Redact Games

Redact Games is an independent game development studio based in Ann Arbor, MI. It is currently the solo venture of Nathaniel Berens, a developer, writer, and video producer. Their first commerical project was Sagebrush, a critically-acclaimed first-person narrative adventure game about exploring a cult compound. They have also released Cellular Harvest, a lo-fi alien photography game made in collaboration with Strange Scaffold, and are working on Effigy, a fast-paced retro FPS set in a large interconnected world full of mystery to explore.

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Cellular Harvest Credits

Nathaniel Berens

Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Writer/Narrative Designer

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